5 Vaping Myths Debunked

vape myths


This infographic has some really good information that vapers should educate themselves on so that if needed they can properly defend vaping when needed. Vaping may not be 100% safe and most vapers will completely agree with this, but if we know one thing.. it’s that vaping is far more safe than smoking traditional cigarettes. We as a community need to stand together and help pay for research and programs to get factual data out there for everyone to see. Big tobacco stands to lose billions, so it is our job to fight them tooth and nail until this amazing, life-saving technology is rightfully allowed to be used by those trying to quit smoking. Do we want children or non-smokers vaping? Oh course not. At least that is the consensus of the vast majority of vapers anyways. Vaping stands to save a billion lives and in this corporate world we have to stick together and educate ourselves and others with the facts or this great new product will be taken away from us in the name of profit.



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