Are Bubblers Really the Best?

When it comes to tobacco and herb smoking pipes, smoke shops are filled with different types and the choice can oftentimes be overwhelming. Smoking enthusiasts can find pipes made of wood, clay and glass and each appeal to unique preferences. However, for those seeking the purest smoking experience only one material offers that. Glass pipes do not impact the taste of the smoke, which is highly desirable now that the complexity of smoking materials has increased to provide users with an unlimited amount of flavors. While glass is the best material, there are a variety of different types of pipes that can be made from glass. From hand pipes or chillums to bubblers, the types of glass pipes appeal to each individual user differently and each offers pros and cons. Perhaps the best style of pipe that one can choose is a bubbler or water pipe. Novices and experienced users both enjoy using these pipes because of a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Using Bubblers and Water Pipes

– The harsh taste of tar and resin is filtered out as the smoke is diffused through the water before being inhaled.

– Cold water is commonly used to create a fresh, crisp taste.

– Novice friendly- being diffused through the water makes the smoke smoother and less irritating than a traditional cigarette or cigar.

– Experienced users desire the taste of the freshly diffused smoke.

– Easily cleaned

Perhaps, one of the most important benefits of choosing a bubbler or water pipe is the unlimited variety of styles, shapes, and colors available to choose from. These pipes let individuals really express their style and artists produce some truly incredible pieces. If you walk around a smoke shop, you will quickly realize that the only thing that limits what can be produced out of glass is the artists’ imaginations. From one-of-a-kind pieces to fan favorites, artists can have rather large followings of enthusiasts looking for the next piece to add to their collection. That being said, some companies produce water pipes that are the epitome of scientific function and provide the most pleasurable smoking experience for the user. Whatever your preferences are, there is a water pipe out there for you!

Holy Smokes carries one of the most impressive lines of water pipes and bubblers in all of Florida. Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure that you will find it at Holy Smokes.

High Tech Glassworks – Encalmo Tube

Utilizing the encalmo glassblowing technique to create this visually stunning piece. The different colored rings are connected to create a striped pattern and bipolar (different color on the opposite side). This piece is not only a pleasure but it is a wonderful pipe to smoke as well.

Deathball – Glass Fabegg Clear

The artist known as Deathball created this stunning piece with aesthetics and function in mind. The fabegg design minimizes the internal surface area to help condense the smoke vapor into a very flavorful cloud. This highly desired design is a must have for any smoking enthusiasts collection.

Grav Labs Table Top Bubbler – Yellow

A great piece for a novice or experienced smokers alike, this highly functional glass bubbler provides a very straightforward, pleasurable experience for everyone. Grav Labs is one of the most trusted names in the industry.

High Tech Glass – Nugweiser

Drink your beer and smoke at the same time with this unique glass water pipe. High Tech put out a winner with this fully functional piece that plays off the popular beer brand.

Trident Glass – Gun Slinging

Cards, dice and an 8-ball accent this great water pipe from Trident Glass. This piece is highly functional and provides an exceptional smoking experience for the user. Not to mention the cool design is a great benefit!

M&M Tech Gridded Showerhead Beaker

This full-sized water pipe from M&M Tech is packed with features. It contains 2 percolation chambers. One of them has a removable down-stem and the other houses a gridded showerhead percolator. Taste and power are never diminished with this water pipe!

You can find these and so many more at Holy Smokes. Visit one of their seven locations and talk to the knowledgeable staff to answer all of your questions! Check out their website and store to see their collection of Heady Glass, water pipes, oil rigs and bubblers.