Glass art exhibition in Miami

Davira Taragin – Dissolving Boundaries in Today’s Art: Putting the Glasstress Exhibitions in Perspective

SUNDAY, MAY 21 / 3:00–4:00 PM BOCA RATON MUSEUM OF ART In the 1960s, Studio Glass artists such as Harvey Littleton and Dale Chihuly were responsible for moving glass from functional or decorative wares to ...
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Cannabis expo

1st Annual Southeast Cannabis Conference & Expo

Miami/Fort Lauderdale June 8 – 10 2017 Fort Lauderdale, Florida At $1.6 billion in 2020, Florida would be about half the size of projected market leader California with its estimated $3.3 billion in medical sales, ...
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well-dressed bearded man smoking electronic cigarette in studio

The Future of Electronic Smoking

Smoking has been around for thousands of years and in that long span of time, there have been several revolutionary changes made that have helped shape the culture and experience that we know today. Whether ...
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Image of 3 dab Nails.

What are Dab Nails Used For?

Over the past handful of years, the advances made in the smoking industry have truly been remarkable. From the innovation of new smoking methods to the development of new smoking materials, the smoking industry continues ...
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Blueberry x EliGlass Mini Tube

Comparing Scientific Glass Water Pipes To Heady Glass

Scientific glass is any borosilicate glass water pipe. The glass often comes in clear or semi-colored glass.  This type of glass frequently has glass beaker bases and straight tubes which make smoking seem more like ...
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Glass Artist Feature – Peter Muller

Vermont glass artist Peter Muller started his exploration of glass in 1999 when he began apprenticing at a small glass facility based at Lunt Silversmith’s in Western Massachusetts.  Working in this high volume, production setting ...
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close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigarette

5 Vaping Myths Debunked

VAPING MYTHS DEBUNKED. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This infographic has some really good information that vapers should educate themselves on so that if needed they can properly defend vaping when needed. Vaping may not be ...
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Apple filed patent for vape

Apple Just Filed a Patent for a Sick Vape

Apple has patented some weird stuff in the past year—remember Bag, the foldable phone, and the phone that’s all screen? Yet its latest application puts even those strange ideas to shame. Get ready, Congressman Duncan ...
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Add a Mini Tube to Your Smoking Glass Collection

Sure, everyone would love to carry their favorite smoking piece with them when they traveled but let’s be honest, their fragile and rather large to carry conveniently. Well, thank goodness that someone in the smoking ...
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