Add a Mini Tube to Your Smoking Glass Collection

Sure, everyone would love to carry their favorite smoking piece with them when they traveled but let’s be honest, their fragile and rather large to carry conveniently. Well, thank goodness that someone in the smoking ...
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Diamond encrusted and wrapped in gold leaf this is the world’s most expensive cigar

There is something immensely royal about smoking a cigar while intermittently sipping on, say a glass of some ultra-premium scotch. However, here to make your cigar smoking experience more than “ordinarily grand” (and outright unaffordable ...
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Image of Heady Glass pieces

How to clean a glass pipe

Regularly maintaining your glass pipe, water pipe, bubbler, dab rig, or other glass piece is the key to a more pleasurable smoking experience. Cleaning your pipe is one of the most essential forms of maintenance ...
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Image of Morean Glass

Best Places For Glass Art In Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay has become internationally known for the booming glass art movement that is centered here. These venues provide an exciting way to view, purchase and learn about creating art with glass. Check out a ...
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Image from Miami Event

Top Miami Events for April 2017

Temperatures are picking up and it's time to head out to the beaches! As the Miami Open comes to a close after two weeks of electrifying tennis, this month brings us to Key West for ...
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Image of Art Glass

Top Spots For Glass Art In Miami

Like any other metropolis in the U.S., glass abounds in the city of Miami. One need only look at the universe of skyscrapers downtown or the views afforded by an endless array of condo structures ...
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Making of a glass pipe

Holy Smokes Guide to Glass Pipes

We know you hear a lot about glass art pipes, so today, we want to offer you an ultimate guide to our favorite smoking parcels. These gems grace us with their beauty every day, sometimes ...
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Girl smoking heady glass.

Care Tips for Your Heady Glass

Taking care of your smoking devices is important. When you invest in equipment that makes your experience a better one, you want to keep that momentum going and keep each smoking experience as smooth and ...
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Image of a man smoking

Vape Tricks 101 – A Guide on 13 Popular Vapor Tricks

We show you how to perform some of the most popular vape tricks. It’s not just about meticulously coiling wire and complex equations involving ohms and voltage – vaping can be simple fun too. Basic ...
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