Colorful History of Heady Glass

Artists create heady glass pieces that have distinctive styles, designs or features that make them truly unique. From one-of-a-kind works of art to limited run pieces, heady glass artists garner a loyal following of fans that are willing to open their wallets to own some truly incredible works of art that are fully functional as well.

The history of the roots of heady glass can be traced all the way back to as early as 3000 B.C. where the glass was molded from molten sand in Egypt and Mesopotamia. For the next few thousands of years, countries along the Mediterranean Sea were home to the master glassmakers. Due to the extraordinary skill level required to make and mold glass, early glass works were some of the most expensive pieces at the marketplace.

Glass molding developed into glassblowing in 30 BC when the Romans began shaping glass by heating it and blowing into it from a long pipe. This technique is still used today by glassblowers and artists. However, the efficiency, materials, and techniques have changed greatly since then. The introduction of Pyrex, flame working, oxides, sulfurs and other innovations have opened up the creative possibilities for artists to create some incredible works of art.

Bob Snodgrass is regarded as the most influential modern glassblower and changed the way glass pipes are made. He pioneered the color changing technique of “fuming,” which coated the inside of the pipe with vaporized silver. He began making his glass pipes as he followed the Grateful Dead tour. Tommy Chong is another important name in the glass pipe industry as his handcrafted works of art were highly sought after and would fetch prices into the thousands. He became a celebrity of the smoking culture.  

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