Common Rookie Vaporizer Mistakes

Whether you are new to the popular vaping culture or have been enjoying it for years, there are some things that you may do while vaping that may not be cool. Whether it is making sure that you are being considerate when in the presence of others or respecting the rules of where you are at, simple things can make you look like a vaping rookie and upset people. Also, there are a few tricks or tips that can help you how to vape and enhance your experience. Help do you part to keep vaping in a positive light, otherwise, it may end up being banned in public spaces. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that vaping enthusiasts either do not know or are inconsiderate about. The most important rule to remember is that not everyone will share the same feelings about vaping, so act accordingly.

Vape Rules and Courtesy

Vaping Where it’s not Allowed– this one is pretty obvious but seems to come up way more than it should. Plain and simple, don’t vape where you are not allowed. Besides the fact of giving vapers a bad name by violating the rules, you can also be arrested or fined. Some of the public may stereotype vaping individuals and doing things like violating rules may only be enforcing those, which is not good for the rest of the vaping culture.

Near Kids or Teens– anti-vaping protestors really take this one seriously. Regardless of your feelings on it, vaping around teens and kids gives the impression that smoking is cool and “adult” to do, which may encourage some kids to try smoking. Choosing to vape is your own personal choice but avoiding doing so around impressionable populations like teens and children is a very courteous and respectful decision.

Huge Public Clouds– please avoid blowing huge vape clouds in public. Be respectful of the people around you in public. No one wants to be walking down the street and walk right through a cloud of your secondhand vapor and inhale it. Not only is it rude but also can be against the rules in certain public places.  

Littering– be a responsible citizen and clean up after yourself when it comes to the batteries, atomizers, coils and e-liquid containers. Cigarette butts may be biodegradable but a lot of the disposable components to vaporizers and e-cigarettes are not. All of these tips are a good way to be a responsible and courteous vaper while in public. Do your part and don’t give vaping a bad reputation.

Vape Mistakes

Read the manual– many of us pitch the instruction manuals with most products that we buy, including new vaporizers. However, there may be a universal set of protocols that can be applied to a new vaporizer, each and every model operates differently and for you to thoroughly enjoy the vaporizer, read the instructions. Or better yet, if you are still struggling with how to operate your vaporizer, take it to the vape shop you bought it from to have the staff walk you through. There is no shame in reading the instructions or asking for help. New or experienced, vapers need some assistance now and then.

E-liquid– never overfill your vaporizer and only use quality liquids from reputable companies. Overfilling can cause damage to the vaporizer if it leaks outside of the storage tank and cheap liquids can gunk up and damage the coils and atomizers as well.

Different from Regular Cigarettes– one of the biggest mistakes that individuals make that take up vaping to help them stop smoking regular cigarettes is that they take drag after drag on the vaporizer. Vaping requires far fewer hits to get the same amount of nicotine, so take shorter drags and savor the flavor!

Nicotine Level– another rookie mistake that novice vapers make is the level of nicotine they choose. Too high of nicotine concentrations can leave you feeling nauseous, dizzy and headaches but too low of concentrations can leave you still craving nicotine and may lead you to take up cigarettes again. So ask the staff at your local vape shop what a good concentration would be to try out first based on the number of cigarettes that you normally smoke in a day.

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