E-Cigarettes are a Popular Alternative to Smoking

Over the past few years, vaporizing and other alternatives to smoking have gained tremendous popularity. Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) are one such option that many individuals have turned to. Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, invented modern e-cigs in 2003 after his father, who was a heavy smoker, passed away from lung cancer. These e-cigs were introduced in the United States in 2006 and continue to gain popularity each year. Here are some of the most common questions individuals have regarding e-cigs.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a device that is used to simulate smoking without the tobacco smoke associated with traditional cigarettes. Most e-cigs look very similar to traditional cigarettes for those individuals that like the look and feel. E-cigs turn a liquid that contains nicotine into a vapor by heating it up.

How does an e-cig work?

E-cigs will contain a battery, which operates the atomizer (heating element) and a cartridge that holds the e-liquid. When the user presses the button, the atomizer heats up and turns the e-liquid into a vapor, which is then inhaled by the user.

Is the vapor hot?

The vapor is not hot once it leaves the e-cig so you don’t have to worry about burning your mouth or throat on it.

What comes in a starter kit?

Well, this answer will typically depend on the company that you are buying but the main components that should be included are:

  • Cartridges (holds the liquid)
  • Atomizer (heating coil)
  • Battery
  • Charger, either USB, wall and/or car charger
  • User Manual

If you buy a 3-piece kit, then yours may have some e-liquid that comes with it.

Two or Three-piece e-cigs?

This decision ultimately depends on your preference and if you mind spending a bit more money. The two-piece setup comes with a cartomizer (cartridge/atomizer) and battery and the cartomizers cannot be refilled. This is where the two-piece system becomes a bit pricier than the three-piece because more cartomizers will need to be purchased. A three-piece setup will include a battery, an atomizer and cartridges. These cartridges need to either be replaced or refilled. Most e-cig manufacturers produce a two-piece setup to provide their customers with the most convenient product possible; no-mess refilling.

How long does an e-cig last?

While there is no definitive answer, most e-cigs will typically last about as long as a traditional pack of cigarettes (200-300 puffs). Some brands will last longer than others and it all depends on the manufacturer.

How do you refill a cartridge?

If you opt to purchase a three-piece setup, refilling will be necessary. You will need to remove the cartridge from the atomizer and using a pipette or eyedropper you will fill the cartridge up with the e-liquid of your choice.

Disposable e-cigs?

Yes, some companies produce fully disposable e-cigarettes. Once the e-liquid is empty, the device is done and should be thrown away. These are generally cheaper than the starter kit and are a good place to start if you are not sure e-cigs are a good fit for you.  

Where to buy e-cigarettes?

You can buy e-cigs from gas stations, convenience stores, smoke shops or anywhere else that you typically buy traditional cigarettes from. Many e-cig purchases are made online, right from the manufacturers.

What level of nicotine is right?

The amount of nicotine that is right for you depends entirely on the type of cigarettes you would typically smoke. The levels range from super strong to nicotine free. If you are used to smoking unfiltered cigarettes, then you probably need an e-liquid with 36mg of nicotine and if you are used to smoking ultra light cigarettes then you would be okay with 6mg of nicotine. Too little of nicotine and your craving won’t be satisfied but too much nicotine your throat may become irritated and you may experience nausea, dizziness and/or headaches.

What is e-liquid?

E-liquid is what your e-cig is filled with that contains nicotine and flavoring that turns to the vapor that you inhale. E-liquids are typically made of four ingredients: water, nicotine, flavoring and either a vegetable glycerin or a propylene glycol mixture. The flavors that are available are truly limitless now that some companies allow you to mix flavors together to create your own special blend.

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