The Future of Electronic Smoking

Smoking has been around for thousands of years and in that long span of time, there have been several revolutionary changes made that have helped shape the culture and experience that we know today. Whether it is the type of material smoked or the devices used, smoking has always been a popular activity throughout the world. Perhaps the best technological advancements made, right behind the commercialization of tobacco, would be the electronic cigarette and vaporizer.

The idea of an electronic cigarette first came about in 1927 when Joseph Robinson filed for a US Patent and later was granted one in 1930. This was the first documented reference to the idea but it is believed that no actual prototype was ever developed. 1965 was the year that Herbert A. Gilbert received his US Patent for his variation of the first electronic cigarette. Despite being credited with creating the first device, he failed to commercialize the idea. Skipping ahead to 2003 in Beijing, China, Hon Lik was a pharmacist was driven to create a viable electronic cigarette that reduced the dangers of smoking. His inspiration was the death of his father who was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer. The company he worked for, Golden Dragon Holdings, developed the device and changed its name to Ruyan (‘like smoke’). A few years after the commercial production of the Lik’s electronic cigarette, it came to the United States in 2006.

Despite facing challenges from the FDA and other agencies regarding the safety and purpose of the electronic cigarettes, the industry has truly exploded in the last 10 years. New companies are entering the market all the time with new advancements and products that continually change the way users enjoy their favorite way of smoking. From new flavors to new vaporizers/e cig devices, the possibilities are overwhelming. The future is not only exciting but at the rate that new additions are coming out, it is also right around the corner! Here are a few predictions for what the future of e-cigs and vaporizers might hold.

Devices and Accessories

The rate of technological advancement is the most exciting aspect of the vaping industry. While some experts say that people are moving away from the e-cigarette lookalikes and moving more towards bigger, better vaporizers, still the step towards an e-cig is much easier for a former smoker. Both devices have a pivotal position in the marketplace but the advancements are coming more from the vaporizer side of things. Entry-level kit quality has increased significantly as more and more companies enter the market striving for a piece of the profits. Competition breeds better products so the bottom line products have increased significantly in quality while price remains competitive. Still, the trend is pointing toward bigger, more elaborate mods that enhance the vaping experience and users are willing to pay the money.


The FDA has thrown many roadblocks in the way of the vaporizers and e-cigarette sales to the public. More regulations, taxes and applications make it difficult for new advancements to be approved because the price tag to comply is often very steep. However, while companies may view this opposition as a negative influence, the FDA does due diligence ensuring that users have accurate information about the risks involved with using electronic smoking devices.

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