Glass Artist Feature – Peter Muller

Vermont glass artist Peter Muller started his exploration of glass in 1999 when he began apprenticing at a small glass facility based at Lunt Silversmith’s in Western Massachusetts. 

Working in this high volume, production setting for more than a year gave Peter the skills to gain further employment with various studio glass artists in Western Mass and Southern Vermont.  Working with glass artists whose work ranged from Italian goblets to large scale blown sculpture, Peter was able to gain an understanding of a variety of glass techniques. Using the techniques learned in these various settings, Peter began to design and execute his own unique body of work.

In 2001, Peter established Afternoon Glass Designs.  His vision was, and still is, to create glass that captures the whimsical and fanciful essence of the animations, illustrations, and books that inspired his passion for the arts as a child.  Peter hopes that through his designs, adults and children alike can effortlessly engage with the arts and be inspired by the limitless possibilities of the imagination.

In recent years Peter’s work has been featured in various solo and group exhibitions and has also won numerous awards. Most recently, Peter was honored with the Master Craftsman Award at the 100 American Craftsmen Show in Lockport, NY.