Davira Taragin – Dissolving Boundaries in Today’s Art: Putting the Glasstress Exhibitions in Perspective

SUNDAY, MAY 21 / 3:00–4:00 PM

In the 1960s, Studio Glass artists such as Harvey Littleton and Dale Chihuly were responsible for moving glass from functional or decorative wares to becoming a vehicle for contemporary expression.  Since the early 1990s, artists working in a variety of media increasingly have employed technically proficient “hired guns” to work the glass to make their ideas a reality.  In 2009, Venice’s Fondazione Berengo instituted a groundbreaking series of exhibitions that unite the talents of Murano’s legendary glassblowing community with today’s leading contemporary artists and designers. Davira Taragin’s lecture explores the history and importance of the Glasstress exhibitions within the context of the late twentieth- and early twenty-first centuries’ international quest to break down the hierarchies between different art media.

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