Holy Smokes Guide to Glass Pipes

We know you hear a lot about glass art pipes, so today, we want to offer you an ultimate guide to our favorite smoking parcels. These gems grace us with their beauty every day, sometimes taunt us with their beauty from beneath glass surfaces. Holding the glass in your hand brings instant awe and always joy. That’s what art’s all about, right?

So, let’s get down to it. Holy Smokes’ Glass Pipe Guide:

  • What is a glass pipe? A glass pipe is used to smoke herb or tobacco. Glass is neutral, it doesn’t impart any additional flavors into the substance you’re smoking.
  • How are glass pipes made? It depends. Some are made traditionally, by blowing glass into a large bubble. Maybe you’ve seen glass blowers doing this at a street fair? It’s so inspiring. When the glass reaches the extent of its shape, the blower applies a hexagonal pattern of clear glass and collapses the bubble. This is the honeycomb design.
  • Are all glass pipes the same? No way! Not only are pipes made differently, but they are made individually by an artist. No two will ever be exactly alike. If you find two or a few that look similar, look more closely. The glass bubble has fallen with some pattern variation.
  • What are the types of pipes I can smoke out of? You have a few options.
    • Chillum, or hand pipe. This is the most basic piece.
    • Spoon, basically a hand pipe with a carburetor. The carburetor allows more air to draw in, which produces a fresher smoke.
    • Steamrollers. These are known for hard, hot rips even though the open-ended function should increase cooling. This is for experienced smokers.
    • Gandalf pipe, your classic Sherlock pipe with an overly extended stem.
    • Bubbler. This is the best way to completely filter tastes of tars and resins.  

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