Functional Heady Glass Considered Art

The state election outcomes from November have proved once again that a respectable amount of the population from various states support the use of medicinal cannabis. The total number of states that have passed laws legalizing the medicinal or recreational use is now 28. With more and more states changing their laws, there has been an increase in the opportunities for glass blower artists to cash in on the individuals seeking heady glass to use. Some artists have huge fan bases and followings and with each piece, they create fetching thousands of dollars. With more and more money entering the industry, functional heady glass has never been more popular.

A heady glass pipe is a handmade, piece of blown glass that serves as a functional pipe for smoking. Artists can create just about anything out of glass and each one has their own unique style that their followers will pay big money to own. Some pieces are part of a limited run while others are truly one-of-a-kind works of art. While many turn to social media to grow their followings, art galleries are starting to show interest in this emerging style of art. A few years ago, pipe-makers would not have been considered artists outside of the cannabis community, however, now the pieces they make are regarded as fine art and have attracted the eye of the art collecting community.

Pieces of heady glass art are highly coveted by collectors from the fine art community as well as the cannabis community. Glass pipe blowers who started out making glass art quickly realized the opportunity that the cannabis community offered. One artist said that he would struggle to sell a glass flower for one price but he could create the same flower into a functional pipe for smoking and easily sell it for double the price. Functionality is now demanded and the artists are delivering. Social media has been one of the major forces behind emerging artist’s popularity over the years. Networking with smoke shops and showcasing their pieces on the shop’s social media accounts provides a huge grassroots marketing presence for these artists. Smoke shops provide an outlet for these artists to display and sell their pieces to the community.

There are some important things to look for before purchasing a piece of heady glass art. Sometimes during the complicated and intricate process of creating the pieces things go wrong. So before you lay down a decent amount of money for a piece be sure to check for these things:

    • Hairline Cracks– if the colors in the glass do not set properly after completion, the pieces are more likely to fracture. Be sure to check the entire piece over for hairline cracks.
    • Water Test– if you are allowed, perform the water test to ensure that the pipe functions correctly.
    • Base– since you are investing a sizable amount of money in a piece of heady glass, you want to make sure that the base is stable. It should not be easy to tip over by accident, especially since the glass is fragile.


  • Joint Placement- you don’t want the joint too close to your face because that can be a hindrance while using.
  • Upsellingmake sure that you know what you are buying. Some shops may misrepresent heady glass pieces in hopes of charging more to unknowing customers.


For those wishing to start a collection of heady glass, the options available are truly endless. Before making your purchase, explore the different shops in your area to get a feel for what you might like. Also, social media can be a great place to explore your options. For those in South Florida, Holy Smokes Smoke Shop has the best selection of heady glass.

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