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Heady glass has taken the smoking market by storm and continues to grow in popularity as more and more artists emerge onto the scene. Heady glass is the branch of creative glass blowing where artists produce aesthetically pleasing, yet fully functional glass pipes. Some established artists have large, loyal followings that crave new pieces to add to their collections, regardless of the price tag. These pieces of art have earned the right to be regarded as fine art. Holy Smokes in Miami stocks some of the finest and most well-known artists in the business as well as some up-and-coming heady glass artists. Here are a few of their showcase pieces that they have in the stores throughout southern Florida.

Scoz x Doc Glass Crustlord

Scoz (Scott Tribble) and Doc Glass have established themselves, independently, as some of the most talented glass blowers in the Pacific Northwest. This collaboration piece features heavy crushed opal and blue stardust that gives it a colorful, cosmic look. Complete with a 10mm male joint, this piece is an incredibly practical pipe and a great addition to any collection.






Pulse Fab Munny with SkiMask x SlumGold Dabber

Pulse has been expertly blowing glass since 2012 and this Fab Munny piece is a perfect display of the high-end functional borosilicate glass that Pulse creates. SkiMask collaborated with SlumGold to produce the bat dabber for this incredible anti-establishment themed pipe. This piece is simple elegance at its finest and this trio of expert glass blowers have produced yet another desirable piece of art.






Diet Glass x Danny Camp Bunny Mummy

Diet Glass and Danny Camp teamed up to bring their fans this 2 piece limited run series of bunny mummies. Danny Camp, who has recently won the CHAMPS Trade Show Emerging Artist award, continues to produce one-of-a-kind pieces for his ever-growing fan base. The unique feature about this exquisite piece is that the carrot heady glass dabber separates to turn into a dish/dabber/carb cap as well.






Zach P Sketch Series

Zach P (short for Puchowitz) first began blowing glass in 1998 and since then he has established himself as a highly skilled artist with a unique style of functional pipes. Zach P’s Sketch Series perfectly captures his distinctive style that his fans love. This piece features various designs and characters that are highly recognizable by his loyal following. Complete with a 14mm female joint, don’t miss out on this great pipe.





Danny Camp Pink Slime Mummy

As mentioned above, Danny Camp’s popularity has exploded and his signature Mummy pieces can be an iconic staple for any heady glass collection. This Pink Slime Mummy features a large black opal. Get your hands on this Danny Camp Mummy piece for your own heady glass collection and enjoyment.






Holy Smokes has one of the largest and most unique collections of heady glass for sale in Miami and southern Florida. To see their full collection, stop in at one of their locations or check it out online at https://holysmokesmiami.com/product-category/heady-glass/.

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