Heady Glass Pipes Are Worth the Money

The smoking culture is always on the cutting edge of new methods to enjoy the burning of tobacco and other herbs. From hand pipes to glass water pipes, each new advancement and development is geared towards making the smoking experience more enjoyable for the user. Enjoyment is the most important aspect that smokers are looking for and efficiency, ease of use and reliability are all close seconds. Various new additions like dab rigs, percolators, honeycombs and others continue to shape the way that pipes are being made and modified. Some users want all the bells and whistles possible, while some prefer just the essential basics when it comes to their pipes. Water pipes are perhaps the most popular smoking device out there for a variety of reasons. The benefits of water pipes, differences between scientific and heady glass pipes and whether or not it really is worth spending the money on a quality glass pipe will all be discussed below.

Benefits of Using Water Pipes

  1. They are easy for novices to begin smoking with because as the smoke diffuses through the bubbles, it becomes smoother and cooler than the smoke from a traditional cigarette or cigar. One of the most common complaints about smoking is the throat irritation that often occurs. Water pipes can help reduce the irritation that is experienced by new users.
  2. Longer, more enjoyable hits can be enjoyed when using a water pipe. Traditional roll-up paper cigarettes can often produce inconsistent amounts of hot, unfiltered smoke that can cause coughing spells for even the most experienced users.
  3. Water pipes can be easily cleaned, which is recommended after every use. Because the water filters out some of the toxins and chemicals in the smoke, the water will gradually become dirty as you enjoy smoking. It is important to use clean water for each smoking session and to clean out your water pipe after each use.

Scientific vs. Heady

  1. Scientific – these styles of water pipes are geared towards pure function for the user. The borosilicate glass that is used produces strong, thick pieces that are extremely durable, heat resistant and reliable. Users look to scientific water pipes for the highest level of smoking experience due to the complex system of percolators and other design features that increase their smoking enjoyment. These pipes are almost always clear (sometimes minor color accents) and resemble scientific lab equipment (beakers, test tubes, flasks).
  2. Heady – what is heady glass? This style focuses more on the artistic/aesthetic side of the smoking experience. Hand blown by expert artists (often with years/decades of experience), these pieces of art operate as fully functional water pipes but may not provide the same level of experience as a scientific water pipe might. However, artists generate large fan bases and create some pretty visually stunning works of art that are highly collectible. These pieces often require advanced glassblowing techniques to create, which is reflected in the price tag.

Are they worth the money?

When it comes to deciding how much money you want to spend on a water pipe, there are several factors that you should probably consider when making your decision.

  1. Heady glass pipes vs. scientific?
  2. How often do you plan on using it?
  3. Can you afford to make an investment?
  4. Are you careful with your possessions?
  5. Do you know what you want in a water pipe?

For those in the market for a heady glass water pipe, it is important to know that buying cheap heady glass pipes is not recommended. Due to the complexity of designs and the experience needed to master the necessary techniques, quality heady glass is worth the money. You will want to make sure that the money you spend on a heady glass pipe will turn into an investment and not have to worry about problems occurring with regular use. Established artists have proven that their products are durable and worth the money, so do your research and find some options within your price range that you are looking to spend. Holy Smokes in Miami has a great selection of water pipes for sale from local and nationally-known artists as well as everything else you could possibly need for your favorite smoking method. To view their full selection stop by one of the shop locations or visit https://holysmokesmiami.com/product-category/heady-glass/.

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