Heady Versus Scientific Glass

Can you get the best of both worlds in one piece?

The topic of Heady vs. Scientific seems to be a constant debate these days, and everyone has their reasons why. When approached with writing this article I was a little concerned because I am a huge fan of scientific glass but everyday I see myself more and more enthralled by heady pieces I see. When it boils down to it I think the two deserve equal amounts of respect for easily distinguishable reasons. So the question is, what is the difference between the two and can you get the best of both worlds in one piece? Well don’t be surprised to hear that in the past few years we are seeing heady and scientific artists working together to contribute some of the most amazing functional glass art to date!

Heady glass

Heady glass has always been highly revered in the functional glass scene, and it will continue to be sought after as the amount of collectors continues to grow rapidly. Heady is some of the most intricate sculpture art influenced by almost anything from cartoon characters to human anatomy! Everyday we are seeing new artists creating a heady piece, that quickly becomes a collector item or puts them on the map as one of the most talented artists out there! More and more artists in the heady glass scene are getting recognition far beyond the glass pipe making industry, by getting recognized that never were by the fine art scene. There are also glass artists who didn’t work in pipe making or functional glass that have begun to do so as they are seeing the amount of collectors and supporters of this art form. Heady glass is more about the art form in a pure sense and it gives artists the chance to express their visions and give us phenomenal art we enjoy to look at and use! The function of a piece takes a seat second to the aesthetics of the piece but not by a large margin, the function of the piece is very important to these artists as well because they know if they can pump out amazing style and function they will receive tons of support. More and more we are seeing heady pieces that have functional aspects taken directly from scientific glass.

Scientific glass

Scientific glass is constantly being revised and changed up, every week there is a new perc design by a scientific artist and then a month later every scientific glass pipe artist will be recreating that perc. Once a great idea has been produced, everyone else hops on that train and puts out a piece very similar to this. Personally I enjoy this because companies can improve that design, they can create new designs off that, and they can even collaborate together! The scientific glass collaborations is what I love about the scientific scene the most! Seeing two artists work together to create some amazing glass is pure genius to me. Seeing the percs of one artist’s incorporated into the can design of another artist is truly impressive and brings an amazing dimension to the scientific glass we have come to know and love.


Truly what amazes me is the collaborations between the heady and scientific artists. The collaborations between Hitman Glass and artists like Pakoh, Dwreck, or JAG glass are all sure to please. The impressive part of these collabs are the amazing perc design and functional design by Hitman and then the heady artist like Pakoh, Dwreck, or JAG create the piece and use their graphics or add their personal touches to the piece. So, if you are unsure of dabbling into the heady glass scene you can get your feet wet with a collaboration such as one I just described. Before you know it you could be collecting the heady artists work that was part of the first collab you pick up!