Holy Smoke’s Heady Glass Collection

What is Heady Glass?

Heady Glass is a style of glass works that incorporates pop culture, abstract features or modern influences. Hand styled by artists, Heady Glass water pipes are a high end, very intricate style of glass water pipes that focus more on the aesthetics rather than scientific function. Their colorful designs and intricate features make them a highly desirable piece for anyone looking to start or add to their collection of glass works. Artists love to create single works of art or a limited run of a piece to increase the rarity and uniqueness of each piece. It is not uncommon for these specialty pieces to include special dabbers that are uniquely built into their designs. Each artist has a distinctive style and devotes fine craftsmanship into each piece.

In the smoking culture, some highly sought after artists have emerged and have gathered quite a following. Artists like Tyme, Chadd Lacey, Danny Camp, Domino and so many more produce unique water pipes that everyone wants to get their hands on! At Holy Smokes, we provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase some of the most highly sought after pieces of Heady Glass available today. Our collection features renowned legends and local artists in the glass blowing industry. Here are some of the highlight pieces of Heady Glass pipes in our shop!

Featured Pieces by Tyme


Bam-Bam is the beloved family member and iconic mascot of the shop. This piece is truly one-of-a-kind and the crown jewel of our entire collection. Tyme has created a fully functional glass pipe rendition complete with custom colored eyes and detailed cigar. It is extremely easy to see the high level of detail and time that has gone into this incredible piece. At the base of Bam-Bam’s stomach is a 3-hole diffuser making it a fully functioning glass pipe.

Similar to the Bam-Bam piece, Tyme has created another work of art with this K9 character. Standing just less than 8” tall, this character is a fully functioning water pipe with a 3-hole diffuser. Like Bam-Bam, this is a 1 of 1 piece complete with an ember lit cigarette and distinctive eyes. If you appreciate fine glass blowing, consider making this the main piece of your collection.

Haterade Whale by Chadd Lacey

Image of whale heady glass piece.

Chadd Lacey has produced some very realistic whale pieces and this is just one more in the collection. Named “Haterade Whale,” besides the unique color, the fine details include barnacles and sea form on the fins, mouth, and tail. This truly is a stunning piece for any collector’s collection and is signed by Chadd Lacey.

Floridian Flamingo by Danny Camp

Image of flamingo heady glass piece in Miami.

Being a Florida Smoke shop, it is only fitting to have the Florida iconic pink flamingo in our collection. Danny Camp captures the natural beauty of the flamingo in this great piece. Special details of this piece include a baby flamingo beak dome and the flamingo itself is standing on translucent water lines.

LemonDrop Rhino by Domino

Image of Rhino Heady Glass Piece, handmade in Miami

Domino created this glass work of art in 2015 in the style of a fierce looking rhino. The glass rhino is complete with a large opal inlay on the stomach as well as another opal on the scepter (which is the dabber). The striking contrast between the yellow and black accents makes this piece very appealing. Perhaps the coolest thing about this water pipe is that 20% of the proceeds go to a rhino orphanage in the Limpopo Province in South Africa.

Kraken by Wicked Glass

Image of Heady Glass piece, the wicked kraken.

This creature of the deep is jammed packed with details right down to each curl of the tentacles and each individual suction cup. The Kraken has two opal eyes that add an ominous element to this unique piece. Wicked Glass really created a winner with this sea monster work of art.

These are just a few of the many uniquely stunning Heady Glass for sale at Holy Smokes. To see more of their collection, head on over to https://holysmokesmiami.com/product-category/heady-glass/ or to one of their seven locations!