Welcome to Holy Smokes Miami!

Located in Kendall right across Tamiami Airport, we proudly opened our doors in April 2011 and have been growing ever since! When we entered the industry over 15 years ago, we knew right away that this would be our passion. Family owned and operated, we are here to provide a great experience for our customers. We love introducing them to new smoking items or educating them on ones they don’t already know about.

We enjoy getting to know our customers styles, tastes, and back stories. Every smoker is unique, and we make sure to carry a variety of products so that each customer can find exactly what they are looking for. We carry everything from pipes, water pipes, bubblers, hookahs, shisha/coals, grinders, vaporizers, jars, ashcatchers, glass cleaners, detox, papers, accessories, and more. Our products range from entry-level products to high-end and unique products that can be difficult to find. Even if you are new to the culture, we explain all the pros and cons of each item to help you select a quality piece that fits your budget.

All photos on our site are of actual in-store items. We also have many more items not feature here, that you can see in the store. So come on by and take a look around! We look forward to servicing you.