Add a Mini Tube to Your Smoking Glass Collection

Sure, everyone would love to carry their favorite smoking piece with them when they traveled but let’s be honest, their fragile and rather large to carry conveniently. Well, thank goodness that someone in the smoking industry has thought of a perfect solution for those looking for excellent function, portability, and discretion when it comes to pipes. Mini tubes are the answer for anyone who is looking to enjoy their hobby without the hassle of large pipes.

Despite only ranging between 4-12” in height, these perfectly designed tubes pack a flavorful and powerful punch for those who choose to use them. Primarily used for dabbing, many tubes feature down stems and efficient diffusion systems. If you are interested in purchasing a mini oil rig for yourself but have too many unanswered questions, you’re in luck. The best decision you can make is to talk to someone who knows a lot about the products that are available on the market.

Holy Smokes of Miami is the premier spot for all your smoking needs, including heady mini tubes. From all the top artists and companies, you will be sure to have all your questions answered and given suggestions that fit exactly what you are looking for. For those that have no idea what questions to even ask, our friendly, professional staff at Holy Smokes are more than happy to help as much or as little as you want.

Here are just a few of the numerous pieces available in our stores for your smoking enjoyment.

Glasstro Mini Tube

Zach P Golden Sketch Rig (1 of 800)

Crushed Opal Mini Tube by ALGAE

To see the full collection of pieces available at each of the seven locations of Holy Smokes, visit  

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