The Hottest Tobacco Smoking Pipes For Pipe Lovers

Smoking a pipe sure makes a classy style statement, especially for men. Smoking pipes was made popular by the character of detective Sherlock Holmes. It is now favored by men across the world who want to make a fashion statement for themselves and stand apart from the crowd. Some of the most popular forms of pipes manufactured include the Headies, Sidewinder, Prometheus, and Gravity Vortex.

Heady Smoking Pipes:

The Headies are pipes made from a wide range of materials like glass, metal, wood, and other specialty materials.

Sometimes the materials used to manufacture these pipes are made of ultra-high glass or high-functional scientific glass. Heady pipes made of glass come in a variety of designs and patterns to suit your personality. You can go for classy designs in these glass made pipes, or go for some funky ones like alien shaped glass pipes if you are of the adventurous kind. Most of these heady pipes are made of colored glass that makes them look quite attractive.

If glass appears too delicate to hold, you can go for the heady metal pipes. Most of these pipes come with comfortable-to-hold, non-conductive grips made of rubber or wood to prevent your hands from getting burned as you smoke these heady metal pipes. Pipes made from metal are the most affordable. Some of these pipes also come with chambers that can hold unused smoking tobacco, making it the best pipe to carry while on the move.

Among the various forms of heady smoking pipes available, the wood pipes deserve mention. They are a class unto themselves. A good wood pipe is one that is made from hardwood. These wood pipes come with a heat-bearable charcoal pot that gives you an unforgettable pipe-smoking experience when you burn your tobacco in them.

Specialty pipes are another form of heady pipe that are much in demand these days. These pipes are definitely for those who want to stand out in the crowd. They range from corn-cob pipes to one-hitters and flying saucer-shaped pipes, all designed to add to your style and elegance.

Sidewinder Smoking Pipes:

If you love to smoke pipes, you cannot afford to miss out on the Sidewinder pipes. High-quality pipes in this category are generally manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, medical-grade stainless steel, and shatterproof polycarbonate. The pipes come with cooling chambers that cool the smoke as it reaches your mouth, giving you an out of this world experience. Apart from being easy to use, these pipes are very truly attractive to look at with their polycarbonate tube chambers.

Prometheus Smoking Pipes:

Made of glass and aluminum housing, these Prometheus smoking pipes are truly contemporary. Unlike regular smoking pipes, these pipes are made with high-grade borosilicate glass bowls and tubes. Available in attractive colors, the glass used in these pipes are easily replaceable, which makes them the best choice for regular pipe smokers.

Gravity Vortex Smoking Pipes:

If you are looking for a strong and efficient way to smoke, the Gravity Vortex smoking pipes would be just perfect for you. The smoke is filtered between two chambers. Pressure creates smoke on the top chambers and mixes it with fresh air to give you a smooth smoking experience.

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