Popular Vape Tricks You Need to Try

Vaping continues to gain popularity across various demographics ranging from college kids to high-profile celebrities. Customized vaporizers and vape pens, custom-blended flavors and a variety of other specialty products have been developed recently to cash in on the trend. There are even vaping cloud competitions now. But something that all vape enthusiasts can enjoy is learning new tricks. While many have mastered the smoke ring trick but there is a sub-culture that has emerged for tricksters to develop and share their tricks, always trying to outdo each other. Here are some of the most popular vape tricks out there that you can try for yourself!

Double O-Rings– once you have mastered the single smoke ring, give this a try. Start by taking a good amount of vapor in, then place your index finger up to your lips, firmly, like you are gesturing someone to be quiet. Using the same technique for the single rings (a light cough or jaw movement), two rings should come out on either side of your finger. Sounds simple but it is actually a lot harder than it sounds!

The Ghost– this is perhaps something that you have already tried while just messing around, but now you know the name of it. All you have to do it take in a good amount of vapor, open your mouth slightly and blow very gently. As you do this, inhale through your nose catching the vapor as it leaves your mouth.

The Tornado– this trick is very easy and looks cool. All you have to do is exhale a good amount of vapor onto a flat surface (keep your face close to the surface) and with the vapor on the surface, take your hand and twist it and pull it up with a karate chop motion done in reverse. This will draw the vapor up, and it should still be swirling like a tornado.

The Jellyfish– out of the tricks that have been discussed above, the jellyfish is by far the hardest to perfect and make it look good! Once you have mastered different sized rings, you can try this out. First, make a thick, fairly large ring and then take another quick pull of vapor and exhale through the ring you just made. If done properly, the vapor should look like a jellyfish swimming away.

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