The Right Smoking Accessories Will Heat up Your Smoking Experience

If you’re a beginner, start slowly, and collect accessories – from hover caps to a carb cap, one at a time. Get to know their purpose, see how it changes the flow of your session, how it makes the experience better.

If you’re a long-time smoker or vaper, you know how good a new piece to the vaporizer puzzle feels. New equipment is exciting, but it also smooths your smoking experience. Try one of our smoking accessories to liven up your beloved pastime. Check out below to see our favorite accessories.

Holy Smoke’s Top Water Pipe Accessories

Dab mats

Dab mats are nonstick surfaces that protect your glass and prevent shatter or wax fromdripping onto the kitchen table ruining the finish. Our dab mats are available in a range of styles. We carry Dab Princesses, Rocko’s Dabbin’ Life, Snakedab Street, Space Toast, a Dumpsty Collab with Goop Massta and Holy Smokes, Dank Wars and more. If it’s time for a new dab mat, pick one out that’s as entertaining as it is useful.

Hover Glass Convection Cap XL

A hover convection cap will restrict the flow on your domeless nail or banger so that you get optimal dab flavor.


If you don’t already use a grinder, now is an excellent time to pick one up. Finely grind your smoking product of choice – you’ll waste less and the vapor will be smooth. New grinders are delightful- no more resin or stubborn bits preventing you from achieving the consistency you desire.

Ready to browse for awesome smoking accessories that will pretty much make your life? Head over to our online store, we’ve got everything you’ll need!