Comparing Scientific Glass Water Pipes To Heady Glass

Scientific glass is any borosilicate glass water pipe. The glass often comes in clear or semi-colored glass.  This type of glass frequently has glass beaker bases and straight tubes which make smoking seem more like a form of science, which where the term “scientific glass” comes from. With the use of this type of glass, you will have a better smoking experience.

Plus, it enables you to be a mad scientist in your own smoking lab. Nice.

Scientific Glass vs. Heady Glass

Heady glass is created using advanced glassblowing techniques for a more visually appealing effect. If you want glass that is more decorative and very striking in appearance, you will want to go with heady glass. If you want a glass pipe that is cleaner and one that has a sleek look, you want to go with Scientific glass. As noted above, scientific glass looks more like something you would find in a science laboratory.

Heady Glass

Heady glass is highly revered in the functional glass scene. There are many collectors that are pretty seriously obsessed with heady glass. Heady glass is a type of sculptured art and can be in the form of just about anything you can imagine. These glass pieces are made by the most talented artists in the glassblowing business today.

Heady glass is more about the art form and the glass gives artists the chance to express their creativity. More and more artists are adding the solid functional aspects of scientific glass into today’s heady glass pieces.

The colors and designs are what make heady glass stand out. Heady glass is hard to confuse with other types of glass because of the unique appearance it brings out. Many times you will find a piece of heady glass that is truly one of a kind. Some of the characteristics of heady glass include:

  • High-end glass
  • Intense color schemes and visual effects
  • Made in very limited quantities
  • Advanced glassblowing techniques
  • Very unique and individualized

Scientific Glass

Scientific glass is constantly being changed up. Once you find a great new scientific piece design, other artists are going to start using that design on their new pieces. This is not necessarily a bad thing, either. The collaboration of the pieces is something that helps to make the scientific glass scene so appealing.

Scientific glass has a unique design and specifications. The glass is very strong and thick, which leads to many obvious benefits. The glass is more durable. It also has a higher softening point for greater heat resistance than compared to heady glass. Stress fractures are going to be extremely rare with scientific glass. Some of the characteristics of scientific glass include:

  • Complex percolators
  • Clear glass
  • Designs resemble scientific equipment
  • Clean look and feel

It’s Really Your Choice

If you are looking for a better quality of glass, scientific glass is the type of glass you want to go with. If you want a piece of glass that is more unique and eye appealing, heady glass is definitely a great choice.