Smoke Shop in Bird Road, FL

A photo of a Smoke shop in Bird Road

Holy Smokes Shop Bird Road

8831 SW 40th ST
Miami, FL 33165
(305) 998-7667

Are you looking for the best smoking experience? Look no further! We at Holy Smokes on Bird Road strive to provide only the best accessories to make sure you enjoy your passion the way you like it best!

We offer the best oil rigs, heady glasses, utensils, water- or hand pipes, grinders, vaporizers, ash catchers, papers, glass cleaners, e-cigs and e-liquids, coals and bubblers. We are sure we can meet your needs and help you to take your smokey experiences to a whole new level!

It’s no secret, every successful business strives for only the best customer service and that is only achievable when the owners are truly passionate about their work. We were aware of this right from the start, when we opened our first shop 15 years ago. With this in mind, we earned an outstanding reputation and were able to maintain quality customer services and we were also able to expand as a business, with seven different shop locations.

We also know that quality products and true passion are sometimes simply not enough. Being a customer-friendly business is also key to earn trust. That is why we like to know everything about our customer’s styles and tastes. Everybody is a unique person with an exclusive story to tell! Tell us your story, so together; we can sort out what kind of accessories fit you the most, to bring out the best of your passion!

We offer a variety of different products, so we are pretty sure we can find something that fits your needs and your budget, whether you are looking for entry-level items or for high-end products. Even if you are new to the culture, we can explain the basics to you and can help you get started!

Interested? Give us a call! We are looking forward to hearing from you!