Smoke Shop in Miami Beach, FL

A photo of a smoke shop in Miami Beach

Holy Smokes Shop Miami Beach

736 71st ST
Miami Beach, FL 33141
(305) 998-0577

Looking for the best water or hand pipes? Having a hard time finding awesome heady glasses, top-notch grinders, utensils, vaporizers or oil rigs?

The key to running a successful business is top-notch customer service and passion. When Holy Smokes Miami first opened their doors, we knew right away that these two components are essential to earn a good reputation and to maintain a high level of excellence in our services.

With this in mind, we quickly teamed up with like-minded people and opened shops in numerous locations. Since what we do is our passion, we strive to only stock the best products and provide the best services.

We offer only top-notch products that will give you the most satisfying smoking experience! We enjoy getting to know our customers and learning about their tastes, styles or back stories. With knowing our customers, we can provide them with the exact products or services they are looking for. Every customer is a different, with a unique exciting story to tell. That is why we offer a wide variety of smoking accessories, bubblers, hookahs, coals, e-liquids, ash catchers, glass cleaners, and papers… You name it, we definitely have it!

Are you new to the smoking culture? No problem! We can help you with the basics, we’ll explain you every little detail when it comes to our products, so you’ll surely end up with an item that fits your needs and your budget!

Feel free to visit us in our Miami Beach smoke shop during our working hours!