Smoke Shop in West Pembroke Pines, FL

A photo of the entrance to Pebroke Pines smoke shop

Holy Smokes Shop West Pembroke Pines

18450 Pines Blvd Suite 106
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029
(954) 526-5606

The cornerstone of every successful business is high-quality customer services. We all know that. Trust us, that’s not all! To run a really outstanding company, you also have to be passionate about what you do! And that is what Holy Smokes Shop in Pembroke is all about!

Apart from selling only the best smoking accessories, we also focus on our customers as well. We are always excited to hear about their tastes and styles. By knowing their preferences, we can help supply them with the accessories that fit their needs and budget.

No matter if you are looking for utensils, water pipes, hand pipes, heady glass, grinders, vaporizers, ash catchers, papers, jars, coals or bubblers! We have everything from entry-level items to professional, high-end products.

Holy Smokes is a 15-year old business with a passion for heady glass. We only offer the best, and we won’t settle for less! As such a company, you can be sure that we can meet your needs, and we can help you to take your smoking experience to a whole new level.

As stated above, we offer a wide palette of different products, so everybody can find something for their needs. Whether you are a “seasoned player” in this field, or totally “greenhorn”, we are a hundred percent positive that you will find something special!

Even if you are brand new to this culture, don’t worry! Give us a visit and we will help you with getting started. Want to find out more about heady glass or vaping? Just come in or get in touch online! We are here to help!