Unique Heady Glass Highlight

With the rise in popularity of cannabis usage, more and more heady glass artists are emerging in the industry. A heady glass pipe is a handmade, piece of blown glass that serves as a functional pipe for smoking. Artists can create just about anything out of glass and each one has their own unique style. Glass blower artists that create these unique pieces of art generate large, loyal followings of fans that will gladly pay money to add a piece to their collection of glass pipes. Some artists create one-of-a-kind pieces or some create limited runs but each piece features the artist’s distinctive style that is highly coveted.

These artistic sculptures can be found in just about every shape, color, and design ranging from cartoon characters to human anatomy. The only limit with heady glass is the artists’ imagination. Many artists develop their own unique style or signature and continue to grow and develop their pieces to meet the demands of their fans. While these artists create them for the aesthetic appeal, these heady glass pipes are fully functional as well. The artists understand that their fans expect high-quality pieces that perform exceptionally well. Scientific glass is the other category of glass pipes that, as you probably have guessed, focuses on entirely on the function to enhance the smoking experience.

There are many artists around the country and local shops feature their local artists. At Holy Smokes in Miami, these are some of our most prized pieces from some of our favorite artists.

Heady Glass Highlight:

Sea of Glass Artists: First Ray Gun Fab Egg

Image of an awesome and colorful heady glass piece First Ray Gun Fab Egg

Sea of Glass Artists is from Central Florida and is definitely one of the local favorites. Focusing on creating Fab Egg pieces as a specialty, the designs all feature a similar overall structure but the true beauty lies in the details. This Ray Gun Fab Egg is truly one-of-a-kind with an all-in-one Drop Down Bucket as well. This beautiful piece functions extremely well thanks to having 24 diffusing holes and 3 marbles. This piece is sure to be the highlight of any collection!

Sokol x Kuhns: Dragon Monastery


This masterpiece is a collaboration of Jon Kuhn and Sokol. Jon Kuhn is often regarded as one of the leading glass artists in the world and his works have been featured in over 40 international museums. Sokol is a SoCal artist that draws his influence from eastern art and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” for his pieces. This piece is called Dragon Monastery and features an intricate level of exquisite detail. Dragons, Chinese characters, and oriental building design make this pipe a true work of art. Only six of these were made.   

Danny Camp x Muller Glass: Egyptian Mummy


Danny Camp first started his glass blowing career in 2010 when he moved to Portland, Maine and has emerged as a top talent since. A large number of his pieces feature inspiration from ancient cultures. He has created everything from birds to samurais and this piece is a mummy that was created in collaboration with Peter Muller. Peter Muller has a distinct voodoo style with all of his works and can be seen in the details of the Egyptian Mummy.

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