Water Pipe Accessories

Choosing The Best Water Pipe Accessories

Make it a point to pick up the best accessories for your water pipe to get that rich, smooth, out-of-this-world smoking experience. No water pipe can perform at its best without the proper water pipe accessories. These days, you can pick up the accessories according to your requirements from an online water pipe store. The best part about purchasing the accessories for your water pipes online is that you will have a wide range to choose from as well as special online discounts and offers on price that your normal retailer would never be able to offer. Some of the most popular water pipe accessories are listed below:
Ash Catchers
Down Stems

If you want to keep your surroundings clean as you smoke your pipe, always keep an Ash Catcher handy. Most Ash Catchers are made of durable materials, like hand-blown glass, and vary in shape and size. Most range between 14mm to 19mm. This accessory is best for keeping your glass water pipes clean because all your smoking ash gets accumulated here. You can go for the tree perk, double shape or steam Ash Catchers.

Choose Down Stems for your water pipes according to the shape and size you need. You can choose from the standard Down Stem, which varies in size from 14mm to 18mm, the low-pro conversion Down Stem that uses a 14mm gauge bowl, or the reverse Down Stem with an 18mm fitting. If you want the Down Stem to fit perfectly into your glass water pipe, use a Peculator Glass Down Stems. This comes with a diffused percolator, which is best used to break and smoothen the smoke for a relaxing and enjoyable water pipe smoking experience.

Water pipes must have good quality bowls for a great smoking experience. Double bowl glass pipes made of hand blown glass are considered to be the best. The bowls are made of thick and strong glass, which reduces the strength of the smoke as it hits you. The bowls are available in different colors. Just choose the one that suits your water pipe the best.

Clips are a must for your water pipes when you want to keep them in place. Wooden clips are most popular. You can go for the cheaper alternative with rubber clips as well. Clips facilitate a better grip on your water pipes. If you are running an errand or pursuing your favorite hobby like golfing or fishing as you smoke your pipe, these clips can be very handy for resting your pipe. You can attach your water pipe onto your golf bag or fishing bag with these clips. The rubber coated clips are considered to provide better grips than the wooden versions.

Always buy your water pipe accessories online as you will be surprised with the offers and discounts that you can get on your choice of accessories. Your purchases will be delivered to your home and shipping is often free of cost by the manufacturers. However, never compromise on quality for price! Quality should be your first priority.