Smoking Water Pipes & Making A Style Statement

There’s hardly a hookah bar in town without water smoking pipes. Water pipes or hookahs owe their origin to Middle Eastern countries, mostly in Saudi Arabia and India. However it is now a popular smoking device used by people across the world, especially young adults at pubs and discotheques, in order to make a style statement.

The most popular form of water pipes used is the Headies. This category is comprised of Bubblers, Percolators, Standard, Acrylics and Hookahs.

Bubblers are one of the best forms of water pipes available for a truly smooth smoking experience. Resembling bubbles in their shape, these pipes are usually designed and manufactured under the supervision of experienced artists. Your tobacco will definitely taste better in these fancy pipes made of designer glass. Made with glass blown art, the special feature of these water smoking pipes is that they change color according to light and background. The smoke passes through the water in the bubbler, which gives the smoke a cooling effect for a comfortable smoking experience.

Percolators are used to filter smoke through water in a smoking pipe. These percolators are a must-have for your pipes, and you can find them in different shapes and sizes including dome, pedestal, tree and double-helix types. The smoke is filtered through multiple chambers before you inhale it, thereby removing toxins and giving you a purer smoking experience. Most percolators are made of glass to make your smoke feel smooth as it reaches your mouth.

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Standard smoking water pipes are similar to hookahs. The standard models are usually up to three feet high and resemble a traditional hookah. Some standard water pipes made of glass have airtight seals between the stem, and slide into a water pipe made of rubber grommets and O-rings. These affordable pipes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

For beginners who have just taken to smoking water pipes, the acrylics are considered to be the best choice to make. The base of these water pipes is made of acrylic, which gives them their name. The smoking tube is made of plastic. This form of water pipe is very durable and easy to use, which is why they are highly recommended for beginners. Since the tobacco bowl is made of metal, it is easy to clean and maintain. The color of the acrylic base varies from one model to another.

Hookahs are the most traditional form of water pipes. Smoke, which is often flavored, passes through a water basin and is filtered before inhalation, which gives the pipe smokers a smooth and relaxed hookah smoking experience. Hookahs originated in Saudi Arabia and India, and are a must-have at pubs and discotheques across the globe today. Hookahs come with a bowl, windscreen, hose, purge valve, water jar, plates, grommet and diffuser. The consumable items in a hookah include tobacco, which is usually flavored, and charcoal.

Water pipes are one of the oldest and one of the most traditional forms of smoking pipes. Smoking water pipes is a style statement that not many pipe smokers can resist!